Grate Keepers Grab Your Rakes

JANUARY 3, 2020-Now that winter is upon us, residents should prepare for cold temperatures as well as rain and wind. These weather conditions send leaves, branches and other organic debris into our streets, curbs, ditches and storm drains/grates.

Our Public Works Maintenance crew works hard to remove the debris after each storm event, but they cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, the City is asking residents and business owners to do their part by being a “Grate Keeper” and picking up a rake to clear the organic debris from the storm drain/storm grate in front of your property. Only do so when it is safe. Alternatively, if you cannot safely clear the storm grate in front of your property, then call in the blocked storm grate to our Maintenance Division at 206.973.4770. You may also leave a request on the front page of our website under “How Do I… Report a Problem.”

Keeping our storm grates clear helps to prevent localized flooding and flooding related accidents, so thank you in advance for doing your part in making SeaTac a better and safer place to live.

This story first appeared in our SeaTac Quarterly Magazine Winter Edition. If you would like to read more magazine articles, then click on this link.

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