Meat Cleaver Robbers Caught

On December 5, 2019, a SeaTac resident was walking along South 176th Street, carrying bags after recently shopping.  As the man walked, he was approached by a male and a female.  When the couple got close, the male produced a large meat cleaver and demanded the victim hand over the bags.  The victim refused and a struggle ensued.  During the struggle, the suspect began swinging the cleaver, including trying to cut the bags from the victim’s hands. 

Eventually, a nearby witness began honking his car horn, causing the suspect and his female associate to flee on foot.

Upon hearing about this event, SeaTac Detective Zach Brubaker responded.  He gathered information and initiated the early portion of the investigation. 

Later that evening, after everyone had left the scene, a similar robbery occurred in the same area.  SeaTac officers responded and ended up arresting three suspects in that case. 

Recognizing the potential connection, Detective Brubaker assembled all the information he had regarding these crimes.  He then requested an interview with one of the previously arrested subjects.  The subject consented and subsequently confessed to Detective Brubaker during that interview.  The subject was then re-arrested and he will be charged in each of these robberies.

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