Retired City Manager Send City Birthday Wishes

February 28– Today is the official birthday of the City of SeaTac. The City incorporated on February 28, 1990.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, February 29, 2020, the City is celebrating 30 years of Cityhood with a party at the Community Center from Noon to 4 PM. Everyone is welcome to join the free event. There will be entertainment for the whole family along with free food. The event is also a chance to learn more about the City and how it serves its residents.

During the City’s 30 year history, several City Managers have headed up the municipality. Last March, City Manager Joe Scorcio retired after being at the City for six years where he started in Community Economic Development and ended his City run as City Manager. Scorcio sent a birthday greeting to the City below.

Happy Birthday SeaTac!

Congratulations on reaching your 30th Birthday.  Though I am unable to attend the celebration on February 29th, I am with you in spirit.  I often miss the amazing SeaTac community; the residents, visitors, City staff and businesses who have found a way to live, play, work, argue, disagree and get along together.  I appreciate that I still get to participate in issues and events when I am in the area.

During my six years (2013-2019) with the City (which was 20% or 1/5th of the 30), I was amazed how often I heard ” we’re a young city” or “a new city”; usually as an excuse of some sorts, but sometimes as a way to explain the unexplainable.  Maybe that was true 15 or 20 years ago, but not now.   I never really experienced that during my time, and don’t believe it is accurate any longer. 

What I saw and experienced was a maturing City; facing the realities of a large day/night population of a much bigger city; facing headlong (usually) the unique issues facing our community; and then finding equally unique solutions.  We don’t have many communities with our mix of issues, strengths, weaknesses and makeup that we can look to for guidance.   SeaTac often has to make its own way as a result.

I saw our community move forward together with its Highline neighbors on some core issues while still acknowledging their respective differences.  I experienced a community willing and able to negotiate with larger regional and state organizations as a peer, not a weaker party, and to find common ground for meaningful resolutions (these are battles however in a never ending struggle).  Though it all, I saw a community often become a model of sorts; one others have wanted to follow our lead, and one that others have wanted to work alongside.  These are not the characteristics of a young city; these are hallmarks of a strong, maturing city.

Enjoy and celebrate your milestone birthday and be thankful for the good that has come from your collective efforts of the last three decades.  There are still more (and boundless) challenges ahead.  I believe the SeaTac community is ready and able to face them all.  Happy Birthday SeaTac, and best wishes for many more!

Joseph Scorcio, AICP

Former C.E.D. Director and City Manager

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