Changes to Permitting Services

March 26-As of March 27, 2020, the City of SeaTac Permit Center is closed for permit applications, resubmittals and issuance, except those needed for emergency home repairs or to serve those functions that are consistent with Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.

Appointments need to be made in advance in order to apply or pick up an approved permit. Please call 206.973.4750 or email to arrange an appointment between the hours of 10:00 AM. to noon daily.

All inspection requests for permitted work must be received by 4:00 PM the day prior. Inspections will only be made consistent with the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.


The City of SeaTac is reducing permitting and inspection services in response to the Governor’s March 23 Stay-at-Home Order and the March 25 Memo. The City will continue to provide inspections for essential projects and emergency conditions as described in the Order.

Protecting the health and safety of both the public and city inspectors is our priority in the delivery of inspection services. Inspectors have been directed to not enter areas where social distancing and health safety can’t be achieved for the protection of everyone involved, or areas where any parties display symptoms that are a concern. Inspections will be cancelled where this directive cannot be achieved.

Contractors or owners who request inspections are asked to notify the city in advance if anyone on the jobsite or in the building area where the inspection will occur has experienced any symptoms of concern relative to COVID-19, so we can determine if we can perform the inspection.

To implement the Governor’s order, City staff will be performing inspections for commercial projects that are identified as essential, and for any work that is emergency repair, replacement, or maintenance. Other inspections of single-family and multi-family residential construction will not be performed, including new construction, additions, and remodels.

Examples of projects for which we will provide inspections include the following:

Storm drainage, furnace, heat pump, electrical systems (service, etc.), water heater, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, plumbing, weather protection, & structural. Exception: If the inspection requires entry into an occupied dwelling, please note the situation within your inspection request; we will contact you to determine whether the inspection can and should be performed or postponed to a later date.

COMMERCIAL (not including multi-family) 
Drug stores & grocery stores
Retailers supplying essential sectors
Schools (public & private childcare through college)
Government buildings (state & local)
Emergency services
Food and agriculture
Energy (vehicle fueling, PSE projects)
Data and telecommunication systems
Transportation / mass transit
Utility disconnections from essential public works facilities, such as the drainage system
Or other similar facilities and operations specifically and clearly called out in the Governor’s Order

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