SeaTac Police Celebrate Admins

April 22-On Wednesday this week, we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day.  Due to COVID 19 guidelines, the celebration in the Police Department was a little bit limited.  Some of the festivities will need to be enjoyed at a later date.  Even so, it is appropriate at this time for us to express our appreciation to both Sandi Hutchinson and Denise Dickinson for the work they do for us in the SeaTac Police Department. 

Both Sandi and Denise provide tremendous support to all levels of the organization, from the officers, to command; from detectives to Community Service Officers.  It is nearly impossible to capture in a small space, the assortment of functions addressed by these two.  In simple terms, Denise and Sandi have a large role in insuring that everyday our personnel have what they need to serve the community. Then, after the work in the field is done, it is the two of them that put the “finishing touches” much of what was initiated by our officers, CSOs and Parking Compliance staff.  Impressively, the two of them do all of this, while still providing their own direct services to the citizens, like responding to a wide array of questions, searching for case information and providing fingerprint services, just to name a few.

When the average person thinks about a police department, they think of those who carry badges.  They often remain unaware of the substantial amount of behind the scenes work that is necessary for us to be successful and the individuals who do it.  For us, those individuals are Sandi and Denise.  We owe them a huge THANK YOU!

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