SeaTac Officers Arrest Suspected Mail Thieves

May 1-On Thursday, April 30, the SeaTac Police Department received a report of a collision on S. 154th Street, near the U.S. Post Office.  The collision involved one car, occupied by two people that reportedly had driven into a pole.  There were no injuries reported.

Officers Shoblom and Chapman arrived on the scene. The officers became suspicious of the circumstances leading to the collision. After contacting the drive of the car, officers discovered apparent stolen checks and narcotics paraphernalia in the vehicle.  Deputies also discovered the female driver of the car had multiple warrants issued for her arrest.  The passenger in the vehicle initially provided officers with a false name.  Officers used a portable fingerprint scanner which revealed his true identity and the fact that he too had warrants for his arrest. 

Both subjects were arrested.  A search of the car revealed the pair was also in possession of narcotics and counterfeit currency.  The suspects were booked into jail.  SeaTac detectives will follow up on the case and forward the case to prosecutors to charge the pair.

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