Marijuana Bust

April 29- In the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 29, a security officer at the Hilton Hotel was patrolling the hotel parking lot.  As he made his rounds, he discovered a vehicle that contained what he believed to be several large bags of marijuana. He called for law enforcement assistance and officers from SeaTac Police Department responded. 

Upon arrival, officers confirmed a large amount of marijuana that was clearly visible from outside the vehicle.  Officers determined the amount of marijuana visible appeared to be in excess of the amount authorized under the law. The officers decided immediately to impound the vehicle, pending a search warrant.  Once the vehicle was secured, they turned things over to detectives.  Members of the SeaTac Street Crimes Unit obtained a search warrant and ultimately recovered over 23 pounds of packaged marijuana from inside the vehicle.

There have been no arrests at this time, but the investigation continues.

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