Lost Elderly Woman Helped by Good Samaritans and Officers

May 22- On Tuesday May 12, Community Services Officers (CSO) Sana Wight and Regina Burke were called to a report of a vulnerable elderly woman who was found wandering and confused. The woman showed up at a stranger’s house believing she had lived at the house for the last 30 years. Neighbors quickly banded together and brought the woman a chair, blanket, and refreshments and sat with her. Their quick actions kept her safe until law enforcement could arrive on scene.

When SeaTac CSOs arrived, there was a language barrier and it was initially challenging to determine what language the woman spoke.  SeaTac CSOs reached out to King County Sheriff’s Office CSO Peter Truong.  CSO Truong’s speaks five languages, but despite his best efforts, he was unable to determine which language was her primary one. 

Still working through the issue, the CSOs noticed that the woman had made her trip from some unknown place in stocking feet. Looking at her feet to try to determine how far she had walked, they discovered her name on a label on the bottom of her feet, suggesting of her living in a family group home. CSO Wight decided to drive down the street to see if she could find a group home.  CSO Burke stayed, continuing to comfort the woman, while attempting to glean more information. The homeowners meanwhile stood by to provide support. Three workers from the home where the woman lives eventually arrived.  They were able to provide her name and other details. The elderly woman was happy to be on her way home and the neighbors were glad she found where she belongs.  

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