City Council approved a resolution that would allow the City to explore acquiring all or a portion of North SeaTac Park from the Port of Seattle.

Last year, Councilmember Peter Kwon initiated discussion between the Port of Seattle and the City of SeaTac on the feasibility of the City taking ownership of the 220-acre North SeaTac Park. The City currently operates portions of the park under two different leases with the Port of Seattle. One lease expires in 2041 and the other in 2070.

In January, Mayor Jake Simpson filed a request to research and prepare practical actions to enhance and maintain our city’s tree canopy. He specifically requested that the city look into taking some ownership of land at North SeaTac Park.

“I’m obviously in support of this,” Simpson said. “This adds to our community.”

The City currently hosts many recreational activities in North SeaTac Park including soccer, BMX and remote-control car racing. It is also the location of the SeaTac Community Center, Maintenance Facility and Highline/SeaTac Botanical Garden. The park itself is one of the largest open spaces in South King County.

Joint working groups from the Port of Seattle and City have been meeting to explore topics around the feasibility of the city’s ownership of the park.