Grocery Store Shoplifting Crackdown

February 28- On Sunday, February 23, SeaTac Police supported a shoplifting emphasis at a SeaTac grocery store on Military Road South.  Five suspected shoplifters were questioned by store security and SeaTac Police Officers made three arrests for suspected shoplifting. In total, $629 worth of stolen merchandise was recovered.  The Asset Protection Manager for the store expressed appreciation for the coordination and the support.

The grocery store will be running additional operations of this type in the coming weeks and the SeaTac Police will continue to provide assistance. 

Retired City Manager Send City Birthday Wishes

February 28– Today is the official birthday of the City of SeaTac. The City incorporated on February 28, 1990.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, February 29, 2020, the City is celebrating 30 years of Cityhood with a party at the Community Center from Noon to 4 PM. Everyone is welcome to join the free event. There will be entertainment for the whole family along with free food. The event is also a chance to learn more about the City and how it serves its residents.

During the City’s 30 year history, several City Managers have headed up the municipality. Last March, City Manager Joe Scorcio retired after being at the City for six years where he started in Community Economic Development and ended his City run as City Manager. Scorcio sent a birthday greeting to the City below.

Happy Birthday SeaTac!

Congratulations on reaching your 30th Birthday.  Though I am unable to attend the celebration on February 29th, I am with you in spirit.  I often miss the amazing SeaTac community; the residents, visitors, City staff and businesses who have found a way to live, play, work, argue, disagree and get along together.  I appreciate that I still get to participate in issues and events when I am in the area.

During my six years (2013-2019) with the City (which was 20% or 1/5th of the 30), I was amazed how often I heard ” we’re a young city” or “a new city”; usually as an excuse of some sorts, but sometimes as a way to explain the unexplainable.  Maybe that was true 15 or 20 years ago, but not now.   I never really experienced that during my time, and don’t believe it is accurate any longer. 

What I saw and experienced was a maturing City; facing the realities of a large day/night population of a much bigger city; facing headlong (usually) the unique issues facing our community; and then finding equally unique solutions.  We don’t have many communities with our mix of issues, strengths, weaknesses and makeup that we can look to for guidance.   SeaTac often has to make its own way as a result.

I saw our community move forward together with its Highline neighbors on some core issues while still acknowledging their respective differences.  I experienced a community willing and able to negotiate with larger regional and state organizations as a peer, not a weaker party, and to find common ground for meaningful resolutions (these are battles however in a never ending struggle).  Though it all, I saw a community often become a model of sorts; one others have wanted to follow our lead, and one that others have wanted to work alongside.  These are not the characteristics of a young city; these are hallmarks of a strong, maturing city.

Enjoy and celebrate your milestone birthday and be thankful for the good that has come from your collective efforts of the last three decades.  There are still more (and boundless) challenges ahead.  I believe the SeaTac community is ready and able to face them all.  Happy Birthday SeaTac, and best wishes for many more!

Joseph Scorcio, AICP

Former C.E.D. Director and City Manager

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Related imageFebruary 20 is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Thursday, February 20, was Take Your Dog to Work Day. SeaTac City Employees celebrated the day by bringing their beloved pets to City Hall to hang out with their owners.

Dog owners posted door signs providing a little information about their dogs so they furry friends could make a good first impression.

HOV Lane Traffic Emphasis Patrols

The SeaTac Police Department’s next traffic emphasis will be centered on HOV lane violations.  Next week, particularly on Wednesday February 26, traffic officers will be focused on the HOV lanes along International Boulevard South.  They will be contacting drivers who fail to comply with the requirement to have multiple passengers in the vehicle before using these lanes.   

The fine for violating the HOV lane requirements is $136.00.

Puget Sound Fire Emergency Incident Recap February 9-15

The weekly Incident Summary 2/9/2020 – 2/15/2020
Each week we will post the number of emergency responses for the previous week (Sunday to Saturday) along with the year-to-date total.

Total: 549
EMS/Rescue 426
False Call 40
Fire: 17
Good Intent: 41
Hazardous Conditions: 11                                                                                  
Service: 11
Other: 3

Annual Total: 3580

S. 200th Street On-Ramp Closure

Road crews will be closing the South 200th Street On-Ramp to SB I-5 starting at 10:00 PM on Friday February 21 until 6:00 PM on Saturday, February 22. The crews will be adding metering to the on-ramp.

A detour will be in place to redirect drivers. Drivers should avoid taking this route during this time frame in order to avoid congestion.

Tunnel Lane Closures

Lane Closures in S. 188th Street Tunnel on February 20-21

As part of the Port of Seattle ongoing maintenance of its facilities, the westbound and eastbound left lanes in the S. 188th Street tunnel will be closed between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM on Thursday and Friday, February 20 and 21. The closure is necessary to ensure the safety of the Port’s workers conducting a condition assessment of the center area of the tunnel. Based on the assessment, projects may be added to a list of improvements. Lighting has already been noted as a potential improvement project. The Port adjusted its hours of lane closure to help minimize impacts on morning and afternoon commute times. Thank you for your patience, and please drive carefully.

Public Works Active Projects February 14, 2020

Military Road South and South 152nd Street

Improvements for this road reconstruction and safety project include construction of bike lanes, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, new pavement, installation of street lighting, upgraded and interconnected signalization with pedestrian crossings, construction of a right turn lane on Eastbound South 152nd Street, and the elimination of the skewed intersection at Tukwila International Boulevard and Military Road South. Johansen is the contractor on the project and is currently working on completing installation of underground infrastructure to support power, cable, and telecommunications services.

Des Moines Memorial Drive South and South 200th Street Intersection

Improvements for this intersection include construction of bike lanes, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, new pavement, installation of street lighting, a new traffic signal system with pedestrian crossings, left turn lanes for all approaches, and construction of a right turn lane on westbound South 200th Street. Rodarte Construction is the contractor on the project and is currently working on installing utility infrastructure.

34th Avenue South Project

This “Safe Routes to School” project includes construction of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, storm drainage facilities, installation of an enhanced crosswalk, pedestrian lighting, landscaping, and underground conversion of aerial utilities. Design and right-of-way acquisition are ongoing. The project is scheduled to start construction in 2020.

South 200th Street Shared-Use Path

This project includes building a new separated shared-use path along South 200th Street between 12th Place South and the Des Moines Creek Trailhead. The project will provide pedestrian connections to street improvements that will be constructed at the intersection of Des Moines Memorial Drive South and South 200th Street, and a connection to existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities accessing the Angle Lake Light Rail Station. Design and right-of-way acquisition are in progress. The project is scheduled to start construction in 2020.

International Boulevard Corridor Safety Improvements Plan

The purpose of this project is to provide recommendations on enhanced safety improvements for all along the International Boulevard Corridor (from South 152nd Street to South 216th Street). The plan will allow for the City to move forward with identifying the safety concerns, prioritizing the order of addressing the concerns, assigning treatment measures to address the concern, and listing construction initiatives.  Toole Design was selected as the consultant to help with this plan.  The contract scope and fee are being negotiated prior to Council review and action.

Learn About SeaTac Police

On Thursday February 13, SeaTac Police Department’s Street Crimes Detectives made a presentation to a Criminal Justice class at Bellevue College. Detectives spoke with more than 20 students about law enforcement work and the path to become a law enforcement officer in Washington State. The main focus of the presentation was the correlation between today’s law enforcement and the law enforcement television dramas seen on television. The Detectives related their experiences working in the City of SeaTac and King County and gave the students insights to prepare them for the future.  

The Community Police Academy, which is sponsored by the Cities of SeaTac and Burien and conducted in association with the King County Sheriff’s Office, is set to start on March 4.  Sessions will be held each Wednesday, through May 20 and will run from 6:00 until 9:00 PM. 

This is a great way to gain knowledge about law enforcement and the different services the police department offers the community.  There are still a few openings for this course.  Interested members of the SeaTac community can apply online at: