Public Works Project Locations

May 8-Public Works Project Locations

Spot Drainage Repairs

This project will repair storm drainage infrastructure at eight locations within the City.  The project is currently in design.

S 180th St Flood Reduction Project

This project will construct a flood reduction facility to eliminate flooding at the end of S 180th St.  The project recently completed the planning and feasibility assessment stage and now will begin the design phase.

S 221st St Drainage Improvement

This project will construct a drainage conveyance system to intercept drainage flows on Military Road causing erosion of the embankment on Military Road and private properties as well as localized flooding of septic systems at nearby residences.  The project is currently in design.

Military Road South and South 152nd Street

Improvements for this road reconstruction and safety project include construction of bike lanes, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, new pavement, installation of street lighting, upgraded and interconnected signalization with pedestrian crossings, construction of a right turn lane on Eastbound South 152nd Street, and the elimination of the skewed intersection at Tukwila International Boulevard and Military Road South. Johansen is the contractor on the project and is currently working on completing installation of underground infrastructure to support power, cable, and telecommunications services.

Des Moines Memorial Drive South and South 200th Street Intersection

Improvements for this intersection include construction of bike lanes, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, new pavement, installation of street lighting, a new traffic signal system with pedestrian crossings, left turn lanes for all approaches, and construction of a right turn lane on westbound South 200th Street. Rodarte Construction is the contractor on the project and is currently working on installing utility infrastructure.

34th Avenue South Project

This “Safe Routes to School” project includes construction of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, storm drainage facilities, installation of an enhanced crosswalk, pedestrian lighting, landscaping, and underground conversion of aerial utilities. Design and right-of-way acquisition are ongoing. The project is scheduled to start construction in 2020.

South 200th Street Shared-Use Path

This project includes building a new separated shared-use path along South 200th Street between 12th Place South and the Des Moines Creek Trailhead. The project will provide pedestrian connections to street improvements that will be constructed at the intersection of Des Moines Memorial Drive South and South 200th Street, and a connection to existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities accessing the Angle Lake Light Rail Station. Design and right-of-way acquisition are in progress. The project is scheduled to start construction in 2020.

International Boulevard Corridor Safety Improvements Plan

The purpose of this project is to provide recommendations on enhanced safety improvements for all along the International Boulevard Corridor (from South 152nd Street to South 216th Street). The plan will allow for the City to move forward with identifying the safety concerns, prioritizing the order of addressing the concerns, assigning treatment measures to address the concern, and listing construction initiatives. Part of Citywide Local Road Safety Plan Toole Design was selected as the consultant to help with this plan.  The contract scope and fee are being negotiated prior to Council review and action.

Puget Sound Fire Weekly Emergency Incident Summary for April 24-May 2

May 8-Every week, Puget Sound Fire releases emergency incident numbers and this is the Weekly Incident Summary April 24 – May 2, 2020

Total:                                      485

EMS/Rescue:                           378

False Call:                                 27

Fire:                                           21

Good Intent:                            38

Hazardous Conditions:           4

Service:                                     13

Other:                                       4

Annual Total Year-to-Date:  9397

Marijuana Bust

April 29- In the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 29, a security officer at the Hilton Hotel was patrolling the hotel parking lot.  As he made his rounds, he discovered a vehicle that contained what he believed to be several large bags of marijuana. He called for law enforcement assistance and officers from SeaTac Police Department responded. 

Upon arrival, officers confirmed a large amount of marijuana that was clearly visible from outside the vehicle.  Officers determined the amount of marijuana visible appeared to be in excess of the amount authorized under the law. The officers decided immediately to impound the vehicle, pending a search warrant.  Once the vehicle was secured, they turned things over to detectives.  Members of the SeaTac Street Crimes Unit obtained a search warrant and ultimately recovered over 23 pounds of packaged marijuana from inside the vehicle.

There have been no arrests at this time, but the investigation continues.

Senior Meals Expansion

May 8- The Parks, Community Programs and Services Department is happy to announce an expansion to the meals available for seniors.   Since the temporary closure of the Community Center, senior program staff have continued to serve an expanding Meals on Wheels program and in partnership with SeaTac Police, have worked with the Food Innovation Network to provide hot meals to selected homebound seniors two days a week.

As of Tuesday May 5th, additional meals are now available for seniors at the SeaTac Community Center for curbside pickup.  Hot lunches will be served on Tuesday and Thursdays and a cold lunch will be provided on Wednesdays.  These meals are provided by the Catholic Community Services and are available from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM in the south parking lot of the Community Center.  There is a suggested donation of $4.50 per meal or a 10 lunch punch card for $45.    Cash and check payments are accepted on site.

With questions about any of our meals options for seniors or for availability, contact the senior programs at 206.973.4690.

Cold Water Safety Tips

May 8-With the reopening of the fishing season, the easing of stay-at-home orders across the Pacific Northwest, and the upcoming warm weekend boaters and paddlers need to be mindful of cold-water safety and the importance of wearing a life jacket.

It may be over 75 degrees this weekend, but the water is COLD! Many drowning victims die within the first few minutes of unexpectedly falling into cold water. A life jacket will keep you afloat and some will keep your head out of water until you can be rescued. Protect yourself— wear a life jacket!

Car Prowlers Caught In the Act

May 6-Monday morning, May 6, an alert neighbor called 911 from the 4000 block of S. 188th Street in SeaTac as she watched two male suspects prowling cars. The suspects were attempting to use several shaved keys to enter the vehicles.

Deputies arriving in the area saw two suspects matching the caller’s description walking in a parking lot, and the men took off running as they approached. One suspect was quickly caught and taken into custody. The second suspect was caught nearby and struggled with deputies as they attempted to gain compliance.

Heroin, drug paraphernalia, and several burglary tools including screwdrivers and window punches were found during a subsequent search.

One suspect was transported and booked into SCORE jail for charges of vehicle prowling, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of burglary tools.

The other suspect was transported and booked into King County Jail for charges of vehicle prowling, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of burglary tools.

Car Prowler Caught Red Handed

May 3- At approximately 10:48 AM on Sunday, May 3, deputies were dispatched to an in-progress vehicle prowl call in the 3200 block of S. 208th Street in SeaTac.

The caller interrupted the suspect as he was breaking into a second vehicle and the man fled the scene. Deputies searching the area noticed a man, matching the suspect’s description, running between buildings and covered in blood with bleeding hands.

The man was detained. The wounds on his hands were consistent with reaching through a broken window. He was interviewed by deputies and stated “I was only looking in the windows” and offered to pay for the damage to the vehicles.

The victim positively identified the suspect as the man she witnessed breaking into the vehicles, and he was arrested and booked into South Correctional Entity (SCORE Jail).

SeaTac Hand Sanitizer Thief on the Run

May 5- The true character of people often comes out during tough times, like this COVID pandemic. Hand sanitizer, as we know, has been very hard to find. But stealing it off the wall at a gas station is not the way to get your own. So do the right thing and turn this guy in!

On Friday , May 1, around 11:30 PM, the thief in the video can be seen ripping a hand sanitizer station off the wall and putting it in his car prior to fleeing.

This took place at the 76 gas station located at 4600 Block of S 188th in SeaTac. The suspect is a white male, 30-45 years old, tall, wearing an orange/black bandanna, glasses, an orange hoodie with grey sleeves, black/gray shorts and black boots.

If anyone has information on who the suspect is they are asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206/296-3311 reference case # C20014324 or you can leave an anonymous tip at

SeaTac Officer Save Public from Runaway Backhoe

May 8- On Monday, May 4, around 7 PM, SeaTac Police were called to the 4800 Block of S 175 Street. The caller reported a backhoe at a construction site had been slowly sliding, ending up about 12 feet from where it had been parked and hung up on a curb.

According to the officer report:

“Upon arrival deputies found that the backhoe had indeed come out of gear and had been slowly, but surely, rolling down the hill,” said the deputy who was among the first to arrive. He continued, “I carefully walked around the piece of machinery and immediately noted a plethora of levers, pedals etc. bristling from inside the cab of the machine. Not knowing what any of these pedals, levers etc, actually did, I was a bit apprehensive about getting into the cab.”

Hmm. What now? “As myself and another deputy were pondering the situation, Deputy Good arrived on-scene. As a former heavy equipment operator/construction foreman, Deputy Good approached the large machine with extreme confidence. He hopped into the cab, fired up the machine and quickly deployed the outriggers and bucket, securing the machine in place.”

By now several neighbors had gathered to watch the drama unfold and, let’s face it, likely amused by the puzzled deputies. When Deputy Good managed to secure the backhoe, they broke out in applause.

Badge-wearing, backhoe driving, applause gettin’ Deputy Good, you’re one of us!

Cascade Warbirds Members to Fly in V-E Day Remembrance Flight

May 8- Friday, May 8, 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe. The end of WWII for half the world. Cascade Warbirds members will be flying in a special formation over Puget Sound cities that day to commemorate the event. This is part of a national effort by the Veterans Airlift Command’s Tribute Wing and is being coordinated by Cascade Warbirds Commanding Officer John “Smokey” Johnson.

The formation of twelve warbirds, flying with the callsign Victory Flight, plans to depart Arlington Airport promptly at 11:30AM and fly a route south over Naval Base Everett, Paine Field, South Snohomish County, North King County, Downtown Seattle, Boeing Field, South King County, and down to McChord AFB. The planes will then turn northwest to fly over Bremerton Naval Shipyard, where the flight will end.

The pilots for the flight are all volunteers, members of Cascade Warbirds. Most of the aircraft are pilot owned, with one contributed by Historic Flight Foundation. The majority of the planes were manufactured by North American Aviation. All are considered warbirds, as the models have been used by air forces around the world.

The weather forecast for Friday is excellent. During the same time period on Friday, two C-17 Globemaster III aircraft flown by pilots from the 62nd Airlift Wing West Coast Demonstration Team will be flying a special Salute to American Heroes to say thank you to all of the American heroes at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19. The routes for both formations have been coordinated through flight controllers with the FAA and communications between the flight leaders to assure safe skies.

V-E Day Victory Flight Roster

North American AT-6/SNJ
Flight Leader, Pilot-owner John “Smokey” Johnson
Pilot Bob Jones, owner Historic Flight Foundation
Pilot-owner Roger Collins
Pilot-owner Lee Oman
Nanchang CJ-6
Pilot-owner Justin Drafts
Pilot-owner Larry Pine
IAR 823
Pilot-owner Victor Norris
North American / Ryan L-17/Navion
Pilot-owner Dave Desmon
Pilot-owner Dave Osgood
Pilot-owner Eric Olson
Pilot-owner Tanner Matheny
Pilot-owner J F Vallee

FAA-approved flight route graphic

It is the goal of Cascade Warbirds to promote the restoration, preservation, operation and public display of historically significant military aircraft; to acquire and perpetuate the living history of those who served their country on these aircraft; and to inspire today’s young people to become the aviation pioneers of tomorrow.

Cascade Warbirds is a tax-exempt charitable organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.