SeaTac Police Make Marijuana Bust

July 3-On July 1, Detective Frazier of the SeaTac Street Crimes Unit observed activity occurring in the SeaTac grocery store parking lot that appeared narcotics related.  Further investigation led to the seizure of a moving van believed to contain a large amount of marijuana, along with an SUV.  As the investigation continued, detectives discovered thatContinue reading “SeaTac Police Make Marijuana Bust”

Marijuana Bust

April 29- In the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 29, a security officer at the Hilton Hotel was patrolling the hotel parking lot.  As he made his rounds, he discovered a vehicle that contained what he believed to be several large bags of marijuana. He called for law enforcement assistance and officers from SeaTacContinue reading “Marijuana Bust”

SeaTac Police Make Drug Bust

March 13-On March 6, 2020, SeaTac police undercover detectives, assisted by the Criminal Investigative Unit and Patrol, along with undercover units from Burien, Sound Transit and the Gang Unit, executed three search warrants at residences in the City of SeaTac and Tukwila. These warrants were the culmination of an investigation that involved two subjects whoContinue reading “SeaTac Police Make Drug Bust”