SeaTac Police Make Marijuana Bust

July 3-On July 1, Detective Frazier of the SeaTac Street Crimes Unit observed activity occurring in the SeaTac grocery store parking lot that appeared narcotics related.  Further investigation led to the seizure of a moving van believed to contain a large amount of marijuana, along with an SUV.  As the investigation continued, detectives discovered thatContinue reading “SeaTac Police Make Marijuana Bust”

Car Thieves Strike Again

June 26-King County sheriff’s Office continues to see cars being stolen as they are warming up or left running in front of homes. On June 18, a deputy was dispatched to a vehicle theft which had occurred near the 18800 BLK of 33 AVE S in SeaTac. The owner explained he had left his vehicleContinue reading “Car Thieves Strike Again”

Build an Emergency Kit

June 26-As we know, earthquakes and other natural disasters can strike at any time. We always encourage people to put together a good emergency kit that will allow your family to survive several days on your own. Water is a critical part of any plan to prepare for emergencies, disasters, etc. After a disaster, cleanContinue reading “Build an Emergency Kit”

King County Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted

June 22-King County Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted is Wayne L. Rattler. Rattler has a felony warrant for Vehicular Assault/ Felony Hit and Run. The court has set bail at $25,000.00. On January 20, 2019, around 7:55 PM, near S 176/ Military RD S in SeaTac the victim driver and his mother along with a backseatContinue reading “King County Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted”

Sheriff’s Office Reforms Policy, Seeks Approval from Eight Can’t Wait

June 19-The King County Sheriff’s Office is always evaluating our current policies and looking for ways to evolve and improve. After the tragic and troubling death of George Floyd on May 25th in Minneapolis, Sheriff Mitzi G. Johanknecht ordered a further review of our Use of Force policies to look for opportunities to clarify orContinue reading “Sheriff’s Office Reforms Policy, Seeks Approval from Eight Can’t Wait”

High School Burglars Busted

June 5- In April, there was a series of burglaries that occurred at Tyee High School and Valley Ridge Park.  The burglaries involved significant damage and incidents of theft; particularly at the high school.  Detective Jason Klinger was assigned to investigate these burglaries and as of now, he has identified five individuals believed to beContinue reading “High School Burglars Busted”

SeaTac Mayor Statement on George Floyd Death, Protests and Police Officers

SeaTac, WA (June 3, 2020) –  The loss of an American life at the hands of evil and lawless men is an event that should be mourned and cause people of good will to say “never again”.  George Floyd was a member of our American family, a life that mattered deeply, each and every oneContinue reading “SeaTac Mayor Statement on George Floyd Death, Protests and Police Officers”

SeaTac Police Seek Armed Robber

May 29-On Sunday, May 24, around 10:05 PM, the male pictured robbed the 76 Gas Station in SeaTac at the 19900 BLK International Blvd S. Can you help us identify him? The suspect is described as about 6 feet tall, wearing a mask and latex gloves. The suspect pointed a handgun at the victim/clerk demandingContinue reading “SeaTac Police Seek Armed Robber”

SeaTac Police Recover Stolen Fiat 500

May 29-On May 19, a SeaTac Police Officer drove by a residence that has associations with narcotics, stolen property and numerous stolen vehicles.  Upon driving by, the officer saw a vehicle that appeared might be stolen, based upon a few indicators.  Additionally, the officer saw a vehicle belonging to a subject known to have warrants. Continue reading “SeaTac Police Recover Stolen Fiat 500”

Lost Elderly Woman Helped by Good Samaritans and Officers

May 22- On Tuesday May 12, Community Services Officers (CSO) Sana Wight and Regina Burke were called to a report of a vulnerable elderly woman who was found wandering and confused. The woman showed up at a stranger’s house believing she had lived at the house for the last 30 years. Neighbors quickly banded togetherContinue reading “Lost Elderly Woman Helped by Good Samaritans and Officers”